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Dennis Hosang

How do I create a user account?


Dennis Hosang

This seems to be a common question


I have an interest in joining the Davison Robotics website but not sure how to go about doing it?


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It's very simple you'll see.  Let's walk through it together.


Click the Sign UP button on the home page when you go to DavisonRobotics.com



Fill in the Sign Up form. Anything with a red * means its required to be filled in.

Displayed Name is your nickname or short name. No need to put your full name here. 

Email Address is where notifications will be sent as well as things like password resets will be sent.

Password has to have at least 8 characters and 1 of each of these: UPPERCASE letter, lowercase letter, number, special character like (!,$,# etc). Also it shouldn't be common dictionary names since most attacks keep trying your username with every word in the dictionary.


Role is self explanatory, click the drop down and select what your role is with Davison Robotics.

Students should attach a copy of there Student Resume (note this is only accessible by mentors)

Team Application is the same thing..  you had to fill out the team application and if you have a digital copy, please post.. again only available to mentors/coach.

Choose which FIRST level you would like to be a part of.

Our SPAM deterrent question (which changes).. if you don't know the answer you can ask a fellow Robotics member OR google search it.

Click I agree and then click Create my account.


Now you'll get prompted for the silly validation that may look similar to the one below.  Typically they ask you to click on the pictures that have something like crosswalks, or maybe they are asking you click the pictures that have busses. Sometimes they will ask you to click every picture that has lights and as you click a picture another one pops up in its place. you just have to click them until gone and then click Verify.  It's very obnoxious but it's what we have to do now a days to keep the spammers and hackers at bay.


Then you will get a message like the following which wants you to confirm you entered a legit email address








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