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  2. guru

    Our Sponsors

    Sponsors that help the Davison Robotics Team be successful for the season. This includes our multiple levels of FIRST (FLLjr, FLL, FTC, FRC)
  3. guru

    First Day of School

    Davison's First Day of School (Virtual and Face to Face)
  4. guru

    DRBC Board Meeting

    Meeting minutes Virtual DRBC Meeting Minutes June 16, 2020 @ 7:03pm In Attendance Thom & Stephanie Hardesty, Chris & Sandy Purdy, Dee & Pete Schneider, Kevin Meikle, Jill Osterholzer, Dennis Hosang, Approval of Treasurers Report $49,696.01 Kevin Motion, Steph Second, All in favor Approval of Feb. & May 2020 Meeting Minutes Pete Motion, Jill Second, All in favor DRBC Board Changes as of June 1, 2020 Jill Osterholzer as the new treasurer Karen Zuccaro as the new secretary Dennis Hosang as a new trustee
  5. guru

    DRBC Board Meeting

    Attendees president: thom treasurer: jill trustees: steph, Kevin, dennis exec chair: coach chris meeting minutes to come
  6. Dennis Hosang

    BOARD Election Results for 9-2018 to 8-2019 season

    Hey Thom, we need to post the 2020 results as soon as we have a final.
  7. Dennis Hosang

    FRC State Championship


    CANCELLED due to COVID-19
  8. Dennis Hosang

    FRC 2nd District Competition


    CANCELLED due to COVID-19
  9. Dennis Hosang

    FRC World Championships


    CANCELLED due to COVID-19
  10. For the month of April (May 1st being deadline) anyone interested in being a BOARD member or interested in stepping down as a board member submits there request to [email protected] DRBC BOARD Positions include: Executive Chairperson The Executive Chairperson is a DRBC appointed position. The principal role of the Executive Chairperson is to provide leadership and direction to the DRBC. This includes maintaining the organization of the DRBC in accordance with the Board’s mission statement and purpose. He/she acts as the liaison between the Board and the DCS School Board. T
  11. guru

    How do I reset my davison robotics email password?

    Ok, so if no one knows what the password is and you looked in the club for the correct password Examples: sponsorship club would have the password for [email protected] newsroom club would have the password for the news emails Then you would open a Support Request by following these simple steps Click Support - Support and the button that says New Request as shown below Now you would fill out the Support Request being as detailed as you can. Click Save at the bottom and support staff will go to the hosting server and reset the p
  12. Dennis Hosang

    How do I reset my davison robotics email password?

    So I have been assigned an email to use for news and I'm not sure how to find out or even reset the password?
  13. Sydney Schneider

    Week 5

    Starting the beginning of our fifth week of the 2020 season, our team opened up our new robot lab to the community and sponsors to come and view. We presented our past robot and awards while also showing where we are now in terms of prototyping and CAD designs. As the CAD team is working hard to finalize details for assembly, the machining team has gotten busy with fabricating all of our specialty parts for both our practice bot and competition bot. Some examples our of special parts are tons of customs brackets and six shooter rails that are being assembled. The build team has gotten to work
  14. Andrew Meikle

    Week 3/Week 4

    During weeks three and four of the 2020 season our team has been focused on finalizing the CAD of the robot. Using Autodesk Fusion 360 we have worked on all aspects of our robot finalizing the power cell launcher and the chassis. We have begun to create drawing enabling the machining group to start making frame rails for our practice bot. During this type our programmers have been refining the program for our mecanum drive.
  15. guru

    BOARD Meeting

    FINAL ByLaws passed DRBC ByLaws 30Nov2018.pdf DRBC ByLaws Addendums 30Nov2018.pdf
  16. *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Issue #27 November 2019
  17. Andrew Meikle

    Robotics Lab Open House

    The House of Cards, FRC Team 3534, will be hosting a community Open House for their NEW Davison High School robotics lab. Th students will host informational tours, provide robot demonstrations, and opportunities to view our 2020 season robots in development. Refreshments will be provided. Please enter at door 29 of the Alt Ed building next to the bus transportation office. please join us for this celebration. Family, friends, past and current sponsors, and all community members are invited to come support the House of Cards. Open House Flyer.pdf
  18. guru

    DRBC BOARD Meeting


    Here are the meeting minutes from the meeting that just ended note jan 21, 2020.pdf
  19. Sydney Hardesty

    Week 2

    One of the main tasks of this week was to have a fully functioning and programmed mecanum wheel drive. In order to do this our programmers bench marked source codes from FIRST libraries and then made their own program using control loops. The mechanism took three days of tuning to become up to our quality standards. At the same time, the mechanical group has been prototyping the power cell launcher, changing variables such as arc length, material, angle, and motor speed. As of Saturday our tests have provided enough results to start CADing and building a true p-bot mechanism.
  20. Dennis Hosang

    DRBC Board Meeting

    agenda provided by Thom & attached Agenda_June 16_2020.docx
  21. Dennis Hosang

    DRBC Board Meeting

    agenda to follow
  22. Dennis Hosang

    DRBC Board Meeting

    agenda to follow
  23. Dennis Hosang

    DRBC Board Meeting

    agenda is to follow
  24. Dennis Hosang

    DRBC Board Meeting

    agenda to follow
  25. guru

    DRBC ByLaw Meeting

    Attached are the bylaws for DRBC drbc_bylaws_draft_4_24_nov2018.docx
  26. guru

    DRBC ByLaw Meeting

    Meeting to discuss the Davison Robotics Booster Club (DRBC) bylaws.
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