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    Pumpkin Fest

    Downtown Davison is having there annual Pumpkin Festival and the Davison Robotics Team will be there with a kreation station. looking for volunteers
  3. The document for the Kettering kickoff scouting training Kettering Scouting.pdf
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  5. *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* Issue #22 July 2019 You can’t pick the hand you’re dealt, but you can choose how you play your cards! Robo-Con The off season competition held at Lapeer Center for Innovation occured the 19th and 20th of July. Andrew Meikle and Emillee Lane, members of the Davison Robotics team, controlled the robot with the record of 7 wins and 5 loses, finishing in 6th place out of 32 teams. The students who participated at this event were ecstatic at how well we all did. "Driving at a competition was a whole new experience at robotics. The fear I had was completely subsided when I got up to the controls. The rush of the game and excitement of everyone surrounding me made everything worthwild." -Emillee Lane, Class of 2020 Kettering Leadership Camp "Over the course of three days students from around Michigan participated in team building activities and listed to presentations from Kettering staff and professors. Juniors Caleb Eicher and Andrew Meikle, and senior Sydney Hardesty learned how to be leaders on their FIRST team and their community by gaining skills like networking, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Activites ranged from someone in the group being from someone in the group being blindfolded and othrs having to lead them through an obstacle course to groups being divided for assembly lines. Our students learned valuable leassons that they are already planning to take back to their team to improve processes and advance student leadership." - Sydney Hardesty, Class of 2020 Student of the Month Linda Renner has been involved in robotics for the last 9 years because her father is a mentor on the highschool team. At Robo-Con, she was the technician and did a fantastic job for it being her first time. FTC Members from the FTC team attended Robo-Con to teach older and younger participants how to drive their robot. "I had a fabulous time. It was cool to learn how to drive our robot while teaching otyhers how to drive it as well. I also really enjoyed working with kids. The vendors in the lobby also had a ton of neat stuff. My favorite was the U of M table. It was a great day filled with a lot of cool stuff." - Rose Johnson, Class of 20 7th Grade Student of the Month Morgan Ballant says that she has taken this opportunity to make new friends through the team work shown . She likes robotics because it allows her to do maintenance on the robot as well as drive it. For the futrure Morgan wants to persue an engineering dagree at Kettering. 8th Grade Student of the Month Caden Tucker has learned a lot about leadership, mentorship, and how to work on a team. The programming, design, and fundraising activites have peaked his interest the most. Caden's future plans are going to Kettering or Michigan for engineering. Thank You to Our Sponsors Aptiv / Delphi Todd Wenzel Buick/GMC Hank Graff Chevrolet Bill Carr Signs Ramp Engineering ELGA Credit Union David Slezak DDS DCC Construction Davison Kiwanis Club Autodesk Webster Associates Group Dr. Kenneth Vobach Fernco Davison Home Bakery DM Burr Group ZF North America MedTrans DropsA Veit Tool & Gage Lambaria Eyecare JL Photo Davison Robotics Booster Club Flexible Automation Goyette Mechanical Dale G. Andrews DDS Issue# 21 July 2019 This email was sent to *|EMAIL|* why did I get this? unsubscribe from this list update subscription preferences *|LIST:ADDRESSLINE|* *|REWARDS|* @media only screen and (max-width: 480px){ table#canspamBar td{font-size:14px !important;} table#canspamBar td a{display:block !important; margin-top:10px !important;} }
  6. guru

    FRC Team Application

    Welcome... This is such a great opportunity for anyone interested in engineering, cad, wiring, programming, machine work, powder coating and so much more to be involved with a school activity. Because this is in so high demand that we ask for an application to be filled out by any student that is interested in being a part of the Davison Robotics FRC Team. Before we get to the application, a great document provided by the FIRST organization is the FRC Team Handbook which is found here frc-team-handbook.pdf The FIRST FRC Team Handbook is filled with great information and expectations. Now comes the application.. like any interview process you must first fill out an application which will then get reviewed by Mentors and the Coach. They will then build the list of candidates that have applied and begin contacting the applicants. <The new application will be attached soon>
  7. guru

    What is FIRST?

    FIRST stands for: "FOR the INSPIRATION and RECOGNITION of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY" FIRST(an acronym for the phrase quoted above) is a non-profit, international, youth organization founded by Dean Kamen in 1989. Today, it is a group of over 400,000 youth participants and over 250,000 mentors, coaches and volunteers.
  8. dennis

    What is FIRST?

    Everyone is talking about FIRST Robotics in school. Can you tell me what FIRST is?
  9. It was on August 26th, 1920 that the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was certified, giving some American women full voting rights. August 26th is now Women’s Equality Day. Designated in 1973, the date celebrates the Women’s Suffrage Movement and underscores the continuing work for equality for women and girls. NASA has marked this persistent effort with a video introduction to eleven space pioneers, including physicist Pearl Young, engineer Kitty O’Brien Joyner, mathematician Dorothy Vaughan, mathematician Katherine Johnson, Chief of Astronomy and “Mother of Hubble” Nancy Grace Roman, and launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson.
  10. guru

    Team 9514 - Techna Cards

    Welcome to the Techna Cards Let us start first by introducing the team 2019 Coach Staff Coming Soon 2019 Team Coming Soon Previous Team Members Never forgotten
  11. guru

    Team 10058 - Wild Cards

    Welcome to the Wild Cards Let us start first by introducing the team 2019 Coach Staff Coming Soon 2019 Team Coming Soon Previous Team Members Never forgotten
  12. guru

    Team 3534 - House of Cards

    Welcome to our House of Cards Let us start first by introducing the team Coach Staff Chris Purdy FRC Coach ?? to Present Jason Craft Mentor - Programming ?? to Present <need photo> Kevin Meikle Mentor - CAD ?? to Present <need photo> Chris Johnson (CJ) Mentor - CAD ?? to Present Tom Hazel Mentor - Machining ?? to Present <need photo> Aaron Hazel Mentor - Drive ?? to Present Pete Schneider Mentor - Everything ?? to Present Lisa Johnson Mentor - Marketing 2019 Louis Renner Mentor ?? to Present Team Coming Soon 2019 FRC Team 3534 2019 FRC Team 2019 2019 FRC Team 3534
  13. If you are reading this then you have reached the Davison Robotics website which consists of multiple FIRST teams from Davison, Michigan to include: FRC - Team 3534 - House of Cards (established 2011) FTC - Team 9514 - Techna Cards (established 2014) FTC - Team 10058 - Wild Cards (established 2014) FLLJr - Team 14895 - Hill Elementary (established 2018) FLLJr - Team 15759 - Siple Stardinals (established 2018) FLLJr - Team 16717 - Siple Stardinals (established 2018) FLLJr - Team 16718 - Siple Stardinals (established 2018) Building futures in Engineering for young eager minds that want to learn. Enjoy our website and hopefully you'll find information on here that will help you.
  14. guru


    Sponsors that helped the FRC Davison Robotics Team be successful for the season that started in September to April
  15. Future is Robots Robots Saving Lives Mythbusters Jr
  16. This is the elected BOARD members for all of FIRST Davison Robotics Team (June is election month) PRESIDENT CURRENT: Thom Hardesty (2018-2019) PREVIOUS: Lisa Johnson (2017-2018) VICE PRESIDENT CURRENT: Jason Craft (2018-2019) PREVIOUS: Lisa Johnson (2017-2018) EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CURRENT: Coach Chris Purdy (2018-2019) SECRETARY CURRENT: Lisa Johnson (2018-2019) PREVIOUS: Tammy Lovelady (2017-2018) TREASURER CURRENT: Kate Hosang (2018-2019) PREVIOUS: Nicole Peel (2017-2018) TRUSTEES CURRENT: Stephanie Hardesty (2018-2019) CURRENT: Kevin Meikle (2018-2019) CURRENT: Leigh LaForest (2018-2019)
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