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BOARD Election Results for June-2020 to June 2021

Dennis Hosang


For the month of April (May 1st being deadline) anyone interested in being a BOARD member or interested in stepping down as a board member submits there request to [email protected]

DRBC BOARD Positions include:

Executive Chairperson
The Executive Chairperson is a DRBC appointed position. The principal role of the Executive Chairperson is to provide leadership and direction to the DRBC. This includes maintaining the organization of the DRBC in accordance with the Board’s mission statement and purpose.  He/she acts as the liaison between the Board and the DCS School Board. The Executive Chairperson is not a regular voting member but may cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie. If the Executive Chairperson also holds another position on the Board and wishes to exercise a deciding vote, he/she must delegate the vote for the other position to a designee. The Executive Chairperson can only be removed from this position with 7 votes of existing board members or through resignation of the Executive Chairperson. If there is an open position, nomination and election of the Executive Chairperson position shall come from the board and shall be approved with 6 votes by the Board. 

The President of the DRBC will be responsible for chairing the board meetings, presiding over the committees, insuring that events are completed as scheduled, and enforcing the rules and bylaws of the DRBC. The President will also ensure the 501c3 requirements are fulfilled. In the event the three trustee positions are not filled, the President will recommend additional supporting members to serve on the financial audit committee, with remaining board approval. 

Vice President
The Vice President is responsible for the coordination of the sub committees. The Vice President, is an aide to the President, and will assume the duties of the President at any time the President is unable to fulfill the duties of the President's office according to the Bylaws. The Vice President will also serve as the head of the financial audit committee.

The Secretary will record and keep on file all the minutes of the board. The Secretary will work with the President to put together an agenda for the upcoming meeting. The Secretary will keep a current copy of the DRBC records, and will perform necessary club correspondence.

The Treasurer is responsible for the finances of DRBC. The Treasurer will keep the books for the organization, including the checkbook, bank account statements, receipts, invoices, paid receipts, as well as budgets, and monthly financial reports. The Treasurer will pay bills in accordance with the budget authorized by the President, or the DRBC Board. The treasurer will ensure that the appropriate tax related documents are filed for the fiscal year.

Trustees (3 positions maximum)
The position of the Trustee is to provide input and advice to the Board. Trustees will serve as the financial audit committee, and will perform an audit of the books on a yearly basis.

Lead Mentor Position(s) - (3 max, 1 each for the FRC, FTC, and FLL level).
The Lead Mentor position(s) is an at-will position, and shall be filled by the Lead Mentor of the respective team levels:  FRC, FTC, and FLL. This position is not open to annual voting by membership. If there is more than one lead mentor for any team level, one representative must be chosen to represent that level on the board. The Lead Mentor is responsible for submitting a team budget at the start of the fiscal year.

After election, the following is our current BOARD for June 1st 2020 to June 1st 2021


  • CURRENT: Thom Hardesty (2018-2021)
  • PREVIOUS: Lisa Johnson (2017-2018)


  • CURRENT: Jason Craft (2018-2021)
  • PREVIOUS: Lisa Johnson (2017-2018)


  • CURRENT: Coach Chris Purdy (20??-2021)


  • CURRENT: Karen Zuccaro (2020-2021)
  • PREVIOUS: Jill Osterholzer (2019-2020)
  • PREVIOUS: Lisa Johnson (2018-2019)
  • PREVIOUS: Tammy Lovelady (20??-2018)


  • CURRENT: Jill Osterholzer (2020-2021)
  • PREVIOUS: Kate Hosang (2018-2020)
  • PREVIOUS: Nicole Peel (20??-2018)


  • CURRENT: Stephanie Hardesty (20??-2021)
  • CURRENT: Kevin Meikle (20??-2021)
  • CURRENT: Dennis Hosang (2020-2021)
  • PREVIOUS: Leigh LaForest (20??-2020)


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