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About this blog

Here is a blog of the FRC Season to include building to competitions.

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Week 5

Starting the beginning of our fifth week of the 2020 season, our team opened up our new robot lab to the community and sponsors to come and view. We presented our past robot and awards while also showing where we are now in terms of prototyping and CAD designs. As the CAD team is working hard to finalize details for assembly, the machining team has gotten busy with fabricating all of our specialty parts for both our practice bot and competition bot.  Some examples our of special parts are tons o

Sydney Schneider

Sydney Schneider

Week 3/Week 4

During weeks three and four of the 2020 season our team has been focused on finalizing the CAD of the robot. Using Autodesk Fusion 360 we have worked on all aspects of our robot finalizing the power cell launcher and the chassis. We have begun to create drawing enabling the machining group to start making frame rails for our practice bot. During this type our programmers have been refining the program for our mecanum drive.

Andrew Meikle

Andrew Meikle

Week 2

One of the main tasks of this week was to have a fully functioning and programmed mecanum wheel drive. In order to do this our programmers bench marked source codes from FIRST libraries and then made their own program using control loops. The mechanism took three days of tuning to become up to our quality standards. At the same time, the mechanical group has been prototyping the power cell launcher, changing variables such as arc length, material, angle, and motor speed. As of Saturday our tests

Sydney Hardesty

Sydney Hardesty

Week 1 -> Design

During Week One, our team worked on design concepts. We all shot out ideas, and by the end of the first night, we had a basic idea of how we plan to build our robot. Our CAD team has already started to work together to design prototypes. They are also starting on the chassis CAD and power cell extake design.  We are set on the idea of having a low bot and trying to have a lighter robot from previous years. As an experienced team, we have the ability to play every aspect of the game, we

Emillee Lane

Emillee Lane

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