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  • What is Davison Robotics?
    Davison Robotics is not a club or a group of kids getting together to horse around. Davison Robotics is a team of kids of all ages focused on learning Engineering skills that will help them build a successful future. 

  • September 2019 Newsletter


    Issue #24
    September 2019
    You can’t pick the hand you’re dealt, but you can choose how you play your cards!
    FTC Cleans Up
    Our Davison Robotics FTC Team is comprised of 7th and 8th grade sudents from Davison Middle School.  Through a partnership with the Flint River Watershed Coalition, the team informs residents to keep our sewers clean of debris and chemicals. The team walks different neighborhoods within Davison and passes out door hangers with information.  They also paint the area around street sewers with the message, "No Dumping Drains to River" in bright blue lettering.  As you can see, our FTC Team has a large presence in the community.
    217ff352-85be-4f72-b4b6-518a774ed768.jpg 07dbe4b5-1220-40d2-b511-8c56a28e3ed2.jpg 332a7b07-a4c3-48b0-ab19-8fed21d79ef9.jpg
    Hahn Intermediate Begins Debut Season

    Davison Robotics is proud to announce that Hahn Intermediate is beginning their first year in the program!  Coached by Mrs. Racette and Ms. Jones, this FIRST Lego League Team named "Cardinal Coders" is made up of twelve fifth and sixth grade students.  This year's theme is "City Shapers" where teams will create a Lego robot that can navigate, build, and overcome obstacles within a Lego city.  With the new addition of this team to the Davison Robotics Program, FIRST Robotics can now be experienced at every age level!  
    Hill Robotics Grows in Size
    By Nicole Ferguson
    Lego Robotics at Hill Elementary is BACK! The Hill Elementary First Lego League Junior team is back this season with more students and more teams!  The Hill Lego Robotics team will start their season the week of September 23rd.  This year’s team will have 18 students, grade K – 4 and has increasing from one competitive team to three.  With the increase they have also added two new coaches from the House of Cards team, Sydney Hardesty and Zack Hosang.  Sydney and Zack will join lead coach and mentors, Nicole Ferguson and Melissa Jones.  The team hopes to attend the competition on November 23rd at Kettering.

    Stardinals Get Into
    the Swing

    By Rita Jones

    This year’s Stardinal season is off to a great start! Thursday, September 12th was the first parent meeting and the following week, the Stardinals met for their first official session. This year’s challenge, Welcome to Boomtown, requires students to conceive an idea for a building in “Boomtown” that not only meets the needs of the community but is durable and beautiful as well! Siple Elementary's squad consists of 20 members in three different teams, and is a part of the FIRST Lego League Junior Division. They meet on Thursday afternoons and will be presenting their models at the Kettering EXPO on November 23rd. The Stardinals are coached by Rita Jones.


    HOC Headed to
    All-Girls Event
    By Sydney Hardesty
    Photo by Stephanie Hardesty
    On October 12th, the House of Cards will be participating in our second All-Girls off-season competition. We are proud to say that out of thirty kids, our team last year had nine girls on the team that participated in the event and placed in the quarterfinals. This year we have eight total girls on the team and six going to the event. Running like a normal competition, the All-Girls Competition has teams with all  girl pit crew, drive team, human player, and scouts. In addition to just competing, there are professional women in engineering that come and speak about their journey in the field. We would love for anyone to come out and support us! If you are interested you can contact us on our website, davisonrobotics.com.
    House of Cards Takes On Ren Fest
    By Owen Martin
    Photos by Stephanie Hardesty

    The Renaissance Festival is a fun event that runs every weekend each year in August and September. On the Davison Robotics Team, each member is responsible for  a certain amount of hours volunteering there because it is our main fundraiser. There are many stations that need to be worked, including Reubens and Cubans, Crazy Tacos, Jerky, Ice Cream, Bakery, Pizza, Drinks, Pretzels, and, of course, Turkey Legs. It may not sound fun making and serving food all day, but we can rotate out with other team member every so often and talk to people around us! Sometimes it’s busier than others, some stations sell more products than the rest, and it’s a long time on your feet, but after it’s over, you look back and think, “That wasn’t so bad.” Not only that, but you get to dress up in some authentic costumes and see what life was like hundreds of years ago! It is definitely something I would not want to miss seeing, nor will I ever forget it. Our Robotics Program wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of the team, and all of the support our family and friends give us during these Renaissance Festival weekends.



    Student of the Month

    Name: Grant Davis
    Grade: 9th
    Favorite Class: Algebra 2
    Dream Job: Inventor/Game Designer
    Little Known Fact About Me: I like to make people laugh and I like challenges.


    Kettering Kickoff

    The Davison House of Cards headed to the 2019 Kettering Kickoff on September 20 & 21.  Teams from across the state traveled to the event to participate in this competition that allows this year's high school teams to compete, using last season's robots and playing field.  With new drivers just getting the feel for the controls, House of Cards, Team 3534, placed 23rd out of 44 teams.  They were selected to play on the fifth alliance team and were eliminated in the quarterfinals.  As always, the team showed "gracious professionalism" towards their fellow robotics teams, and led by example.  As a member of the Mid-Michigan Robotics Alliance, House of Cards, was also responsible, in part, for field set up and tear down as a designated host team at Kettering University.
    7d689715-db05-4893-b62e-7e54235313af.jpg 4778df80-b9a2-43ce-8d8f-d580518ae7ca.jpg 
     49c28cbf-f76d-48f5-b6a5-2e6a98320762.jpg 47445cba-026f-4902-bbcb-997e70d8cb74.jpg 

    Davison's Pumpkin Festival is coming up on Saturday, October 12th, from 10am to 6pm.  Davison Robotics will once again be offering a "Build-a-Robot Station, as well as a Lego Station!  Come on out and meet some of this year's team members!
    Thank You to Our Sponsors
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      Here is the kickoff preview for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) 2021 season.


      For you Davison Robotics FRC 3534 team members, head over to the crew and discuss further this 2021 season.

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      Starting the beginning of our fifth week of the 2020 season, our team opened up our new robot lab to the community and sponsors to come and view. We presented our past robot and awards while also showing where we are now in terms of prototyping and CAD designs. As the CAD team is working hard to finalize details for assembly, the machining team has gotten busy with fabricating all of our specialty parts for both our practice bot and competition bot.  Some examples our of special parts are tons of customs brackets and six shooter rails that are being assembled. The build team has gotten to work by attaching the intake arm and elevator to P-bot. Within the next week, we are striving to have a fully functional elevator and hook up the shooter to the practice bot chassis.


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      It was on August 26th, 1920 that the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was certified, giving some American women full voting rights. August 26th is now Women’s Equality Day. Designated in 1973, the date celebrates the Women’s Suffrage Movement and underscores the continuing work for equality for women and girls.

      NASA has marked this persistent effort with a video introduction to eleven space pioneers, including physicist Pearl Young, engineer Kitty O’Brien Joyner, mathematician Dorothy Vaughan, mathematician Katherine Johnson, Chief of Astronomy and “Mother of Hubble” Nancy Grace Roman, and launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson.


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  • What is FIRST?

    FIRST is an international organization which uses competitive robotics as a vehicle for promoting science & technology. FIRST allows high school students to work side by side with professional mentors to learn skills ranging from engineering to marketing, animation and business.

    FIRST Leagues?

    There is a FIRST League for all age groups
    FRC (Ages 14-18; Grades 9-12)
    FTC (Ages 12-18; Grades 7-12)
    FLL (Ages 9-16*; Grades 4-8)
    FLLJr (Grades K-4)

    Davison Community Outreach

    Don't be surprised if you see kids running around with Davison Robotics shirts on helping the community.  The Community helps support the team and the team wants to give back by helping the community.

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