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  • What is Davison Robotics?
    Davison Robotics is not a club or a group of kids getting together to horse around. Davison Robotics is a team of kids of all ages focused on learning Engineering skills that will help them build a successful future. 

  • FRC Team Application



    This is such a great opportunity for anyone interested in engineering, cad, wiring, programming, machine work, powder coating and so much more to be involved with a school activity.  Because this is in so high demand that we ask for an application to be filled out by any student that is interested in being a part of the Davison Robotics FRC Team.

    Before we get to the application, a great document provided by the FIRST organization is the FRC Team Handbook which is found here


    The FIRST FRC Team Handbook is filled with great information and expectations.


    Now comes the application..  like any interview process you must first fill out an application which will then get reviewed by Mentors and the Coach.  They will then build the list of candidates that have applied and begin contacting the applicants.  Here is the application that must be completely filled out and turned in by the due date of November 8th, 2019

    What is to be turned in by the due date:  

    Applicant Section

    1.    Student career resume attached
    a.    Include any FIRST, FTC, FLL, or any engineering/technology experiences
    2.    Written Component (including):
    a.    Which specialty portion of the team you are most interested in?
    b.    Why you want to be involved?
    c.    How your involvement will benefit you?
    3.    Signed and date Applicant Section.
    4.    Teacher Recommendation Form
    5.    Grade Check Form
    6.    General Recommendation Form

    Parent Section

    1.    Completed
    2.    Signed and dated


    You can scan and send the completed application to newapp@davisonrobotics.com which will then get reviewed with other applications.  Once reviewed and decisions have been made you will be contacted.

    Thank you for your interest and looking forward to seeing your application.

    2019-2020 FRC HoC Application New Student.doc

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  • Sponsorship

    Without the help of sponsors the teams aren't sure where they would be.  Cost of supplies, travel expenses, logistics, marketing and outreach events all must be funded.  Couldn't do any of it without sponsors and we of all ages can not thank our sponsors enough for helping make it all happen. THANK YOU!

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  • What is FIRST?

    FIRST is an international organization which uses competitive robotics as a vehicle for promoting science & technology. FIRST allows high school students to work side by side with professional mentors to learn skills ranging from engineering to marketing, animation and business.

    FIRST Leagues?

    There is a FIRST League for all age groups
    FRC (Ages 14-18; Grades 9-12)
    FTC (Ages 12-18; Grades 7-12)
    FLL (Ages 9-16*; Grades 4-8)
    FLLJr (Grades K-4)

    Davison Community Outreach

    Don't be surprised if you see kids running around with Davison Robotics shirts on helping the community.  The Community helps support the team and the team wants to give back by helping the community.

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